About Venatic

Our first thoughts about founding Venatic Hockey came up during the fall of 2011. Searching for a master’s thesis topic and coming across almost daily reports in German newspapers about financially struggling teams, the first ideas were born.
How can hockey remain affordable considering constantly increasing costs? How can smaller clubs, parents and recreational league players be relieved? For us, with experience of over 25 years as professional hockey players, these were the questions that triggered this project.
Many expenses, which are essential in organising the sport of hockey, are – frankly – fixed. May they be costs for ice-time, maintenance or renting the team bus. Just to name a few.
During our researches we identified, compared with previous decades that especially the expenses for hockey equipment have increased at a disproportionate rate. Where did the times go when wooden sticks went for 30 Dollars?
When looking at a set of hockey equipment, only the sticks can be seen as a real consumer item. Other pieces of equipment are often used for several years. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that smaller teams have to invest up to 70 percent of their equipment budgets on sticks only. At prices of 300 Dollars and more this fact really should not amaze anyone.
Consequently, we targeted our goal to develop an approach on how to counteract this trend and how to give players of all levels, parents and clubs some room to breath.
Venatic Hockey was able, after about two years of preparation, researching, travelling, testing and countless hours of discussions, to develop a concept of offering top quality hockey sticks to all players interested. This concept will be brought to you on different terms which cannot be met elsewhere on the market due to various reasons.
We try to offer you the most popular models, curves and flexes so all of you will be able to find what you need.

A big part of our team are our distribution partners who help spreading our idea.